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Lizano 280 mL (9 Oz) - 3 pack

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Product Code: LZ002-3pack
Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Length:
8 inches
Product Weight:
9 Oz

Lizano is a great sauce that is sure to give an incredible taste to almost any dish you use it in.


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Salsa Lizano a Costa Rican favorite since 1920.  Add some Costa Rican flavor to your table.  Used with just about everything, salsa Lizano provides a slightly sweet flavor with just a hint of "thrill" to all of your favorite dishes. In Costa Rica, salsa Lizano is used on just about everything and once you've tried it, you just can't get enough of it. It ranks on the heat scale at 1-providing zest without burning your tongue. If you've been to Costa Rica, you already know the addictive quality of this famous condiment. Salsa Lizano is the number one requested import from costa Rica. If you haven't yet had the pleasure, one try and you'll know why this is the condiment that is a must for every table.

Item specifics:
Condition: New
Country of Manufacture: Costa Rica
Brand: Lizano
Size Type: Medium