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The Norita Brand has a very interesting story behind it:  My Grandmother had 5 children,four boys and a girl.  They all grew up strong but the girl had an accident early on and died as a child.  This devastated my Grandma but her memory carried on in the fanilly and today we honor her with each bag of coffee we sell.

We not only try to provide you with the best Costa Rican coffee but also make sure that the producers get fair trade prices.  The aroma of each cup of coffee is certain to transport you to the Costa Rican mountain tops where some of the best coffee in the world is produced.  Each bag is carefully packed and labelled by hand to add a touch of extra care to make sure each part of your experience is truly unique. 

Lizano Coffee Maker
Costa Rican  Chorreador
(Coffee Maker)
This handmade Costa Rican Chorreador is the best way to brew coffee.  Simply install the filter that is included, boil a cup of water, place ground coffee in the filter, place another cup below the filter, pour boiling water into the filter and then you are done.  You are now ready to taste the best cup of coffee you ever had.  Makes for a great present for all coffee lovers.
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Lizanosite - Coffee beans two pack
Two bags
Coffee Beans
(1/2 lbs ea)
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Lizanosite - Ground Coffee two pack
Two bags
Ground Coffee
(1/2 lbs ea)
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Lizano Salsa- Sauce
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